michael_dawkinsName:            Michael Dawkins

Employer:      P Casey & Co Ltd

Job Profile:    Site Operative / Fitter - Window fitting, door fitting, customer service, general labouring

Project:           Window and Door Replacement Scheme 2011

Local lad Michael, started  his career within construction, working with a few small local window companies, which he enjoyed for a number of years prior to joining Casey through Fusion 21's Shared Training Initiative.  Michael has been offered a minimum 6 month placement with Casey, with the prospect of this being extended subject to workload and his own individual performance.


Vicky Colbridge works as a manual operative on site. She has been welcomed into what is often seen as a male role. With the support of Casey she has sustained her employment and gained access to training.

ivar rozujvaeous

Ivar Rozvjazevs is a ceramic tiler from Latvia.  When he was recruited in 2008, he was living in one of the communities in which we were working.

Mohamed Iftian was recruited in 2005 as a bricklayer.  He has since achieved NVQ2 in brickw