Saving Lives, Improving Lives - Defibrillator initiative

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<h1>Saving Lives, Improving Lives - Defibrillator initiative</h1>
<h1>Saving Lives, Improving Lives - Defibrillator initiative</h1>

Our first defibrillator donation!

Last week our team were delighted to visit Cowlersley Community Centre to present them with a defibrillator which will be installed at the centre to benefit not only their visitors but members of the wider community.

Following successful delivery of the the Cowlersley Environmental Improvement scheme for Kirklees Council, this marks the first donation as part of our "Saving Lives Improving Lives" Casey Defibrillator Scheme, which provides for a defibrillator to be placed on every one of our live sites, with our supply chain partners invited to contribute to the initiative with a donation. Once the project is complete, the defibrillator is donated to a local school, community centre or similar, with a Certificate of Donation.

Thank you to the Centre Manager and Client Team for supporting the day!

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