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<h1>Growth Programmes</h1> <p>Get the skills and knowledge to accelerate your personal growth</p>
<h1>Growth Programmes</h1> <p>Get the skills and knowledge to accelerate your personal growth</p>

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At Casey, we believe investing in young people is a crucial component on the path to community prosperity. Young people are our future leaders, and the Casey goal is to help provide them with the necessary skills and resources they need for success.

There are many different careers available in the construction industry. Probably many are familiar to you. On the trade side, we need joiners, plasterers, bricklayers, steel erectors, electricians, plumbers and roofers, to machine drivers, heavy plant operators, plant mechanics and general operatives. All can forge great careers within our industry. The types of people that excel in these careers are people with a practical outlook, good with their hands, and have an eye for detail.

Behind the scenes there are many different roles needed for a construction project to be completed. Even before the start of the physical build on site, many months, sometimes even years, of preparation beforehand will have taken place. Planners, designers, architects, estimators, and business development roles will all have had an input into the project. Skills such as maths, IT, good verbal and written communication, attention to detail, and teamwork will be beneficial in these careers.

Once a project is underway on site, all aspects of its delivery have to be managed. Project managers, site managers, quantity surveyors, health and safety consultants, human resource consultants, forepersons, and design managers all play a vital part. Careers supporting a construction site are also available. At our head office in Rochdale, we have accountants, administrative staff, buyers, plant managers, marketers and labour management personnel, all to ensure the smooth running of our operations.

There's something to suit just about everybody, so don't hesitate to check it out and get involved!

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Both our construction and plant division are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join their teams. An apprenticeship gives you hands-on experience and the opportunity to train while you work, learning from skilled professionals in live construction environments.

If you are interested in kick-starting your career with us, please get in touch using the contact form below to send over your details including the type of apprenticeship you are interested in and what course you are enrolled on.

A successful apprenticeship story

We have many stand out apprentices at Casey and one of those is Belinda.

Belinda attended an open evening at a partner evening The Growth Company and embarked on a full-time level 2 joinery diploma at their centre. As she was nearing completion of the course, the training provider put her forward to Casey as an exceptional learner.

Belinda carried out a work trial on a Casey project in Stockport and was offered an apprenticeship position. She was part of the first cohort of students to be undertaking the new Wood Occupations Site Carpentry & Joinery level 2 apprenticeship standard.

Since her apprenticeship appoint she is now well on her way to completing her level 3 apprenticeship standard whilst working on site with our refurbishment team.

“When I went to the open evening by The Growth Company, I wasn’t sure it would lead to anything. But I did a course and now I’m doing an apprenticeship and I’m loving it.”

Looking for work experience?

No matter what path you’re interested in, we can provide you with a work experience opportunity which will help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to support your future career. Whether that be within our head office or at one of our sites, our HR team will assign you a mentor who will show you the ropes in your chosen field.

If you are interested in carrying out a work experience placement, please get in touch using the contact form below to send over your details including the type of career you are interested in.

Work experience leading to full time employment

Natasha is a great example of what can happen with a successful work placement whilst studying.

Natasha was in the second year of A Levels when she came to Casey on a one-week work experience placement from Rochdale Sixth Form College in 2017. It was a short placement with our Business Support team, but she made an impression. It was not only her interest and eagerness to learn which impressed us, but also her commitment to get to our offices each morning as she had some distance to travel.

When an opportunity arose in the Business Support team, just as Natasha completed her A Levels, we called to ask if she would be interested in the position. Casey arranged a Business Administration apprenticeship through Skills Solutions and Natasha passed with flying colours. She is now employed full-time with Casey as a Business Support Assistant.

"I really enjoyed my placement with Casey and it made me realise that I wanted to work in a business support role. I was thrilled when they called me and offered me a position."

Are you an education provider?

Please get in touch if you would like to work together towards supporting young people on their career pathway. Whether this be discussing apprentice opportunities, arranging work experience sessions or planning a careers fair we are always willing to help.

We can also facilitate careers advice and guidance sessions, health and safety presentations, site visits, STEM activities, 'Have a Go' and 'Try-a-Trade' days and much more to generate interest in the construction industry.


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